Our team at Smiles Dental is dedicated to helping every patient have an enjoyable, positive experience at the dentist – especially children! We understand the importance of building a positive, trusting relationship with children at a young age so they can maintain healthy smiles for life. We offer a number of amenities and bonuses for children so that both you and your child have a pleasant experience at our offices.

One of the ways we help your child feel more comfortable during their visit is by explaining any needed treatments in a simple, kid-friendly way. We also let them see the equipment we will use and may even have them “help” us during their visit. Helping your child learn how to keep their smile healthy is one of our greatest goals.

Many of our offices also have play areas for children. If they need to wait for you or their siblings at our office, they can have fun with educational books and games that help them feel more relaxed at our office. Most of our team members have children and grandchildren of their own, and we are happy to take the extra steps needed to provide our young patients with the best possible experience. To learn more about the ways we work to make our offices family friendly, call us today!