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Can Root Canal Therapy Cause Sinus Issues?

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Root canals are an effective, and often necessary, treatment that can save a decayed or damaged tooth. But if you’re having sinus problems after a root canal, it’s probably not random. Read on for a look at the potential connection between this common dental treatment and your sinuses.

What’s a Root Canal

First, let’s go over the basics of this common procedure. A root canal may be recommended by the dentist if the pulp and nerves of one of your teeth becomes infected or injured. Such an infection usually comes with tooth pain and sensitivity, and if left untreated would lead to the spread of infection and the loss of the tooth. Root canal therapy is a way for the dentist to save the tooth, by going in and removing the affected tooth root, filling the area with medical material, and capping the tooth, leaving the patient with a natural looking, and feeling, restoration.

What’s That Have to Do with My Sinuses?

Your sinuses are actually located just above your upper teeth. It varies from person to person, but in some cases, a person’s sinuses can be nearly touching the tooth roots. That, coupled with the fact that the lining of the sinuses is very thin and delicate, makes them vulnerable during a root canal procedure. If there’s even a slight slip during the procedure, a puncture to the sinus can take place, resulting in unpleasant symptoms, and even a sinus infection.

With Smiles Dental, You’re in Good Hands

Although there’s always a risk of an impact on your sinuses when you’re having work done on your upper teeth, it’s not something you should worry about. A good dentist will know to work carefully in this area. You’re in good hands with any of our experienced doctors at Smiles Dental. We guarantee a calm and comfortable experience when you are in the dentist chair.

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