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What Is the Procedure for Dental Bridges?

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If you’re tired of seeing a gap in your smile, a dental bridge might be the affordable solution you’ve been looking for. It’s possible your dentist has even suggested it to you as an option. At Smiles Dental, we believe in the power of patient education, so we always want people to know what exactly is involved with any procedure they might be considering before they jump into it. Here’s a quick overview of what the dental bridge procedure is like so you can make a more informed decision regarding your oral health.

Preparation Stage

The first step is preparing your teeth to be ready for the coming dental bridge. A dental bridge is dependent on the healthy, natural teeth on either side of your gap, so we need to shape those teeth so that they provide a secure foundation. After applying local anesthetic, we file down these “abutment teeth.” That way there is enough room to place dental crowns on top of both without it feeling bulky. Your dental bridge will fasten onto these dental crowns.

Temporary Stage

Once we’ve taken impressions of your prepared teeth to use to make your crowns, we’ll place a temporary bridge in the space. We don’t want you to have to just deal with those shaped teeth and open space while waiting for your permanent bridge to come in from the dental lab! The temporary bridge will do the trick until we bring you in for your second visit.

Placement Stage

In the final stage of getting a dental bridge, you’ll return to our office once we have your custom dental bridge in hand. We’ll then remove the temporary bridge that we placed last time and then place the more durable permanent bridge. After that it’s just a matter of checking that everything fits and feels well!

Want to learn more about dental bridges? We have a helpful video about getting dental bridges on our website that you can check out. You’re also more than welcome to reach out to us directly with any of your questions. Call or email Smiles Dental today to get in touch with our team!

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