Smiles doctors and team members at all 5 Smiles Dental locations volunteer their time each year for a day of free dentistry in February in connection with Dental Health Awareness month. This year our offices donated over $50,000 of free dental treatment while serving over 120 patients in our community. On February 11th we opened our offices to those who are less fortunate, in pain, and have not had consistent access to dental care for a variety of reasons, but primarily due to finances. We provide free dental care including teeth cleaning, radiographs, exams, fillings, and extractions. This is truly one of the most rewarding days of the year and it helps us fulfill our mission of having a positive impact in our communities. Our entire staff volunteers their time for the day to give back to the community. Smiles Dental strives to provide each and every one of its patients the ultimate in service through superior performance in dentistry so we can have a positive impact in our patient’s lives and in our communities. We believe our mission of having a positive impact is universal and not just those who can afford excellent dental care. Our Doctor with a Heart Day helps us serve and fulfill this mission.

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