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Root Canals Can Protect Your Existing Teeth

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Root canals aren’t nearly as scary as they’re cracked up to be—in fact, they’re a pretty simple procedure that can actually protect your smile in the long run! Learn more about what a root canal entails, and how it can work wonders for your smile.

What is a Root Canal?

Root canal therapy is a restorative procedure that prevents infection and decay from permanently damaging your teeth. A patient would require a root canal when an infection has spread to the pulp, which is the soft, innermost layer of the tooth. Infection in the pulp threatens the viability of the root of the tooth. Infection can spread from the tooth to the root for a host of reasons, including poor oral hygiene, abscess, and trauma.

Root Canal Therapy

Once we have determined that you need a root canal, our dental professionals will numb the area around your tooth so that you won’t feel any pain at all during your procedure. They will then drill into your tooth and flush the infected pulp out to prevent the decay from spreading to your other teeth. After replacing the pulp with a substance called gutta-percha, they will then place a dental crown to replace your infected tooth. You should be feeling back to normal within a few days!

Preventing Future Decay

Once you’ve had a root canal, you can consider the affected area completely clear of infection. But in order to prevent future decay, it’s important that you maintain a consistent brushing and flossing routine, maintain a balanced, healthy diet, and continue with regular preventive visits at Smiles Dental. This will go a long way towards avoiding cavities or any future infection.

Getting a Root Canal at Smiles Dental

Root canals get a bad rap, but they’re simple, effective procedures that ensure that infection will not spread too far down to your roots or to your existing teeth. At Smiles Dental, we take a gentle, stress-free approach to our root canal therapy so you can be sure that you will have a comfortable, pain-free experience with us. Contact us or click the link below to schedule an appointment today!

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