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Why We Believe in Mercury-Free Dentistry

A photo of mercury filled amalgam fillings on the top and tooth colored composite fillings on the bottom

Part of the Smiles Dental practice philosophy is to provide mercury-free dentistry. We know that phrase isn’t necessarily a common household term, and we often get patients asking us what it means. That’s why we decided to devote this latest blog post to this specific dental approach. We want to answer any questions you might have and help you see why we think it’s so crucial in dental care.

What is Mercury-Free Dentistry?

Before we dive into why we practice mercury-free dentistry, we need to make sure we’re all on the same page with some basics. Mercury-free dentistry is the simple idea that we don’t use mercury in our treatments. We want to help you avoid potentially toxic materials. From a practical standpoint, that means that we advocate for safely removing any amalgam dental restorations or fillings (the ones that look silver) that you might have. We replace them with non-toxic, non-metal restorations and fillings instead.

Why is Mercury-Free Dentistry Important?

We believe that mercury-free dentistry is important because fillings that contain mercury might be harmful to your overall health. We may be focused more on your oral health, but we still care about your total wellness! Since there are other materials out there that are safer, durable, and more environmentally friendly, why wouldn’t we choose those over something that could be toxic to you?

SMART Dentistry at Smiles Dental

If you have an old mercury amalgam filling that you’d like to get rid of, contact Smiles Dental. We offer SMART (Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique) as part of our general dentistry services and we can replace that filling with something that looks more natural and is better for your health. Our dental teams in Washington and Oregon are also here for any other smile needs you might have! Contact or email us today to make an appointment.

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