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Invisalign: For the Smile You’ve Always Wanted

When you look at your teeth in the mirror, do they seem crowded or crooked? Maybe you’ve wanted to correct these slight imperfections, but you always felt too self-conscious to get metal braces. Smiles Dental has great news for you! There is an incredible, new orthodontic system for straightening your teeth called Invisalign® that can give you the smile you deserve! Invisalign is a modern approach to teeth-straightening that employs clear, plastic aligners that are virtually invisible and are ideal for anyone who’s not comfortable with the appearance of conventional metal braces. Custom-made with precision, Invisalign’s aligners are created specifically for your mouth. They gently and gradually shift your teeth into place. Invisalign uses smooth, comfortable plastic aligners that fit over your teeth, as opposed to traditional braces. The Invisalign system effectively treats mild cases of crooked and protruding teeth, as well as gaps, crowding and spacing. Invisalign also corrects problems like malocclusion (improper bite) and more specifically, instances of overbite, underbite and crossbite. One huge challenge for patients who wear conventional metal braces is getting the teeth cleaned well enough. This problem can lead to plaque build-up, gum disease and tooth decay. But Invisalign aligners make daily oral hygiene easier because they are removable and easy-to-clean. Removing the aligners allows you to brush and floss normally for better periodontal health. And because the aligners are removable, you can still eat whatever you want! So, what’s preventing you from finally having the smile you’ve always wanted? Here at Smiles Dental, we invite you to schedule an appointment to determine whether Invisalign is right for you.

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