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Fashion Sense: Why Experts Say Wearing White After Labor Day is Healthy

You‚Äôve heard the mantra: Don‚Äôt wear white after Labor Day. There are probably a few of us, many of us, who have been guilty of a fashion scandal within the first week of September. Well to all of us rule-breakers out there, good news in on the horizon (or in this blog post, however you care to see it). What is this good news? Experts are saying that showing off your sparkling white style after Labor Day is not only good for your health, but a huge esteem booster! That‚Äôs right, fashionistas, let your sparkling white teeth shine every day after Labor Day, and throughout the year! You can achieve a whiter smile with teeth whitening, as prescribed by your dentist. Teeth whitening is a simple dental treatment used to lighten the natural color of tooth enamel. While it‚Äôs not always right for everyone, whitening is an ideal way to beautify one‚Äôs smile. In the results of a recent study conducted by Kelton Research, it was found that participants with whiter teeth were viewed as more attractive, confident, trustworthy, and financially successful. In fact, ‚Äúmore than half of the study participants were more likely to be hired (58%) and received larger salary offers (53%) after their teeth had been whitened.‚Äù The study also revealed that for individuals looking for love, participants with whiter teeth experienced a higher rate of continued interaction with their ‚Äúdates‚Äù. This was due in part to the impressions that these participants were more outgoing and confident than their lackluster counterparts. So we are officially breaking down the fashion walls and saying everyone should wear a beautiful, white smile all year long. At Smiles Dental, we believe everyone can love their smile. Our teams are ready to help ensure your teeth are clean and healthy. We are dental anxiety experts who will help you through each of your dental visits to safeguard your total comfort. Our doctors are able to outline a treatment plan that matches perfectly with your unique, individual smile. When possible, they may suggest our custom-designed, at-home teeth whitening treatment. This service is usually completed in two appointments. At the first appointment, our assistants will take an impression of your teeth so we can custom build your teeth whitening trays. Then at the next appointment the trays are fitted to your mouth and you receive instructions on how to use the treatment. You are then able to whiten your own teeth in the comfort of home! This Fall, learn what it means to love your smile. A healthy mouth is the key to a healthy, more confident life. So what do you say, fashionistas? Here‚Äôs to wearing bright white smiles after Labor Day, and all throughout the year!   Sources:

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