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Why Does the Dentist Offer BOTOX Injections?

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You trust your dentist to take care of your teeth, look after your gums, and make sure you have a beautiful, healthy smile. So how does BOTOX fit in? Many dental practices these days have begun offering BOTOX injections as part of their services, which can leave some patients feeling a little bit confused. The truth is, it makes perfect sense to go to a dentist for your BOTOX, and here’s why:

Experts in Face & Smile Design

As dental professionals, our work revolves around understanding facial design and crafting stunning smiles. There’s no way you can deal with the mouth and not consider the face as a whole! Our dental training has given us ample experience working with the form and functions of the head and neck, as well as potential complications that could arise based on this anatomy. Because of our deep understanding of facial aesthetics, it makes complete sense that we would be able to appropriately provide treatment that deals with the overall appearance of your face.

Training & Certification

Remember that even if a dentist isn’t your first thought when it comes to getting BOTOX, they are still a medical professional backed by years of study and certifications. You can rest easy knowing that if a certified dentist is administering your BOTOX, then they have gone through the necessary training to provide you with a safe and effective treatment. Don’t be shy about asking your dentist what their qualifications are for providing any treatment you’re interested in getting from them! As a patient, you deserve to be fully informed when it comes to your health.

BOTOX Treatments at Smiles Dental

At Smiles Dental, we are proud providers of BOTOX and facial fillers. If you’d like to know more about these services or if you’re ready to book an appointment for them, feel free to call or email our practice today. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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