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Do I Need a Dental Bridge or a Dental Crown?

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If you’re dealing with a damaged or missing tooth, you may know that you need some type of restorative dental treatment, but then feel a little bit clueless about where to go from there. That’s normal! At Smiles Dental, dentistry is our passion and it’s our profession to help you figure out what exact treatment you need to solve your dental problem. A common question we get from patients is whether they need a dental bridge or a dental crown. We break it down for you here:

I Have a Damaged Tooth

Say you have a tooth that’s chipped, cracked, infected, or broken. Chances are a dental crown can be used to fix it! To help you remember this, think of the other phrase for a dental crown: a dental cap. This treatment is like a restorative cap placed over your weakened, damaged tooth to give it strength, support, and a natural appearance again.

I’m Missing One or More Teeth

Now say you’re missing one or more teeth completely. You can’t use a dental crown to fix the situation because there’s nothing to put the cap on! Instead, you may need a dental bridge. Just like with the other example, the clue is in the name: A dental bridge literally “bridges” that space left by the missing tooth or teeth and fills it with an artificial tooth or teeth.

We hope that clears up some of the confusion! It may get a little tricky because dental crowns can be used to secure dental bridges in place (the crowns attach to the teeth on each side of the gap to hold the bridge), but the two procedures actually serve very different purposes.

Questions? We Have Answers!

If you have more questions understanding the difference between dental bridges and dental crowns, please don’t hesitate to contact Smiles Dental. We offer both treatments and would be happy to give you additional information.

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