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Dangers of Amalgam Dental Fillings

Dental amalgam has long been the standard ingredient in dental fillings. In fact, it’s been in use for over a century. Just because it’s been around for a while, however, doesn’t mean you want it in your mouth. We’re now learning that amalgam is not as safe as once thought. Read on to learn more about the dangers of amalgam dental fillings and about the alternatives we offer at our office.

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Amalgam Dental Fillings

When a tooth breaks or experiences decay, it needs to be filled. Those fillings have traditionally been made of amalgam. Often referred to as “silver fillings,” amalgam fillings are actually composed of a mix of metals, often including silver, mercury, tin, copper, and zinc.

Mercury Concerns

As we mentioned, among the metals often found in amalgam is mercury. Mercury is used in fillings in order to make the metal flexible yet strong. Although amalgam fillings are thought to be safe, exposure to mercury is known to cause a variety of health worries, especially among children and pregnant women.

Alternatives to Amalgam

Luckily, avoiding amalgam in this day and age is easy! Here at Smiles Dental, we offer composite dental fillings as a healthy option with a natural look. These fillings are free of mercury and they can be made to match the tooth, blending seamlessly into your smile.

Biological Dentistry At Smiles Dental

If you have an amalgam filling, you have the option to get rid of it safely here at Smiles Dental. With Biological Dentistry, we not only remove the filling with ease, but we offer non-metal replacements and biocompatibility testing, as well as supplemental and nutritional guidance. To learn more about our SMART technique for safely and effectively removing amalgam fillings and the mercury they contain visit our website, or reach out to us with any questions.

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