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Why Biological Dentistry is Important

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Have you ever heard of the phrase “biological dentistry”? It’s a specific approach to dental care that more and more practitioners are adopting these days. At Smiles Dental, we’re proud to be one such provider of biological dentistry. We know that not many patients understand what that fully means or how it may affect how they receive dental care, so we’ve put together a little primer.

A Holistic Solution

Biological dentistry takes a holistic approach to dental care. It recognizes the connection that the mouth has to other systems in the body. This is important because it looks at the bigger picture, takes the patient as a whole, and leads to more customized treatment plans rather than just focusing on specific systems in the mouth.

Elimination of Potentially Harmful Materials

With this mouth-body connection in mind, one of the hallmarks of biological dentistry is the removal of potentially toxic mercury amalgam fillings. These fillings are the silver fillings that used to be the standard practice.

SMART Technology

For example, at Smiles Dental, we use SMART technology, or Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique. Then, we replace the dental metals with biocompatible materials. This means placing composite dental fillings, which are free of mercury, are more environmentally friendly, and match the natural color of your teeth. We believe this step, which limits the use of toxic materials is another way we can prioritize our patients’ health and safety.

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If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of biological dentistry or how we use its tenets to guide our work, please feel free to call or email one of our practice locations in Washington or Oregon. Our teams would be more than happy to share additional information with you!

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